Austin O'Lay

today was the first
snowfall of
the year

is officially

it is time to
pull out the warm
boots and jackets

it is time to
pull out the fresh
salt and shovels

soon the neighborhood
will be covered
in a blanket of fluffy
white snow

soon the neighborhood
will be covered
in bright
sparkling lights

so Santa Clause
will know exactly
where he needs to go




it’s fascinating
how many people we
come across
who will disappear forever
but only
from us

the persons at the grocery store
gas station, ball game;
they have their own lives.
and for a small moment
we’re part of it.

we pass by strangers not knowing
if we’ll ever see them again.

be kind to those people.

we only have
a small moment with them
before they disappear from us





sitting by the fire

thinking about

what i want to do in life.

i have a career,

but i need something more

for myself.

something to enjoy. then

sitting here i realized i love


i love my fires

and my baseball games.


by myself.

some people love big groups

and parties.

but not


and that is okay.